Welcome to HossBrag, a place for customer-facing members of the Hospitality & Retail Industry to network, promote and collaborate.

On this beta site, you will be able to professionally network like never before, in ways that both deepen industry-ties you already have and greatly widen your impact and reach.

On HossBrag you will be able to separate your personal from your professional network – and keep your personal life personal. We are not looking to replace Facebook, Badoo, Tumblr, or Match.com and/or any other social networks you may be an active member of. Social networks are great -- for things that are social. For things that are strictly business, they often aren’t so great. If you work in an office environment, LinkedIn is a great resource for professional networking. But what if you don’t?

HossBrag is different; we are focused on our industry and industry peers – like you!

So please, keep posting family vacation updates on Instagram or a detailed description of a perfect first date on Match.com – those places are ideal for those things. But if you want to tell someone about how great your employer or employee is, get some career advice, explore opportunities, meet industry people, develop some job leads before moving to a new town or just get your professional life more organized, then HossBrag is the place for you!

In addition to being able to showcase your own talents, experience and goals --- your HossBrag network can sing your praises via endorsing your skills and writing personalized recommendations on your profile (and you, in turn, can do this for people you want to recommend to others). And, because networking is all about good-karma, we encourage you to help others with recommendations, connection tips and announcements – just like we encourage you to contact us with your questions, comments and improvement suggestions.

On HossBrag you will be able to access other industry members, news, events, jobs and tips to deepen your professional impact and influence. And that includes the participation of industry employers who have the right opportunities for you and/or someone you know.

Good karma pays off, as does investing a little time and effort in perfecting your professional online presence. So please, have a complete profile, keep it professional, interact with other members of our industry, tell your friends and co-workers about HossBrag, share your experiences, mentor others (new to the industry, new in town, etc.) and take it seriously. We think if you do, you will have a great experience here. Thanks for reading this and for your participation on HossBrag, you are the reason we launched this network.

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